The photo contest is over, the winner photos are:




Congratulations to Yuliya Boda, Tamuna Bakuradze and Wendy Cools! Their photos from South Korea, Georgia and Belgium were chosen as the winner photos, despite the selection was very difficult. Many thanks to all the creative participants!



“Hiking with French short-term EVS volunteers. Introducing them country sightseeings and Loesje free speech organisation at the same time.”

Name: Tamuna (Fb: Tamuna Bakuradze)

Place: Shida kartli, Georgia

Name: Benoît Jehl

– “Imagine the world map / just with green and blue”
On the door of my history class.
– “Evolution theory / who joins me to return to the sea”
Door if my schools biology room in Wintzenheim, referring to life circles we recently studied in there.
– I have put different posters in my room to get good ideas when waking up and later during the day. Also if my friends pass by, the first thing they do is reading the posters 😀


“Following Loesje for years and years now, I couldn’t resist pimping my garden seat with a matching slogan. The garden seat, made by my brother, decorates our lovely city garden in Antwerp. Perfect company for long summer evenings, slow afternoons while reading a book and weekend brunches. The slogan reminds us to enjoy the moment and relax!”

Name: Wendy Cools

Place: Antwerp